WHAT IS appLega?

appLega™ is cloud-based software applications for law firms. Think of appLega as fresh air in the market, offering a tried and true collections platform and client portals, as well as committing to bringing you exciting new applications and integrations.

Why do law firms use appLega?

Convenience: Our cloud-based applications eliminate backup, recovery, and access concerns.

Quality: We take the time to build things right the first time.

Service: We are friendly, helpful and take a genuine interest in your success. We are playing a long game, not just making a quick buck. Otherwise, we would have just developed some candy crushing or bird flapping game (why didn’t we think of that!?).

Trust: Our service is reliable with no unscheduled downtime, ever.

Value: Our pricing is predictable, and easy to calculate. Low prices, efficiency gains, and IT savings ensure an immediate ROI for new client firms.


Our flagship product is a powerful cloud-based platform for attorneys specializing in community association collections. Automated reports, task calendaring, billings, custom workflow engine, and Word integration, combined with a host of time-saving features and enhancements round out a solution perfectly geared toward HOA collections.

MS Word Integration!

This is the real deal, not some embedded rich text editor.  You have control of your document templates and can update them on your own at any time.  We are happy to help make changes to your documents, too, free of charge.

Generated documents can be edited in place, meaning no need to download, save, and re-upload your changes.  Just open the document from the site, it opens in Word, make your edits, and hit “Save”…pat, pat, done!  Edit-in-place works with the browser of your choice (we spent a lot to make that convenience possible).


HOACollect automates…
…event calendaring
…case notes
…task assignment
…ledger charges
…client billings
…interest calculation
…report subscriptions

Process automation saves headcount as your practice grows and helps you address matters consistently

Fully Customizable

At the heart of appLega’s HOACollect is a fully customizable workflow engine that drives document production and just about every point of automation in the system. The workflow is like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book, but with fewer sharks and pirates. You get to determine the different paths a file might take in the collections process, providing your team with a clear map of their work. Other points of customization include your document templates, which are all Word-based  and easy to brand, and unique roles and permissions so the various members of your team have a focused view on their responsibilities.

Tailored for Law Firm Needs

HOACollect is designed specifically for HOA Collections. The goal with HOACollect is to help you take care of processes so you can focus on what matters: building your practice. Our clients leverage the features of the system in their marketing efforts and have the time to pursue new business with everything humming along in HOACollect.


Hello from the other side…clients must’ve called a thousand times…but they don’t have to! clientLink gives clients the status updates they want, when they want. clientLink is all about communication, saving you time and keeping your clients informed in a secure, self-service environment.  Build an online community where your clients feel welcome to explore meaningful content and find answers to questions.

With clientLink, you can:

  • Post documents, announcements, and events
  • Enable online discussions with clients
  • Provide real-time report access
  • Keep clients in a secure space
  • Inform your clients of changes in laws and statutes
  • Publish interesting content